Resources Protection

shiyongyong(1).jpgYongyong SHI         

Group Leader, Ph.D., Professor, Principal Investigator



    Cheung Kong Scholars Chair Professor, Winner of National Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholars, Top Young Talents of Central Organization Department, New Century Excellent Talents of Ministry of Education, Shanghai Outstanding Young Man of Science and Technology, Shanghai Rising-Star, Author of National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation, Director of Key Research Project Supported by National Natural Science Foundation and National 863 Programs


lixwofc(1).jpgXingwang LI        

Deputy Group Leader, Ph.D., Senior Engineer 



  Specialize in collection of samples of mental illness, digital management and information processing. Participant of many research projects or key research projects of National 863 Programs, 973 Programs and National Natural Science Foundation. Participant of many genetic research on complex diseases based on mental disease.