International & Domestic Collaborations

Collaboration with Illumina

  The Bio-X Institutes in Shanghai Jiao Tong University collaborated with Illumina and built an Illumina@ GWAS new technology demo and collaboration lab in 2010. Illumina genetic variation assays, including array-based solutions for DNA, RNA, and DNA methylation, have been well established in the lab. In particular the lab also possess the ability to develop novel genechips. The application of genechip technology will facilitate researchers to discover complicate disease pathogenesis, and provide fundamental pharmacogenomics platform to develop new drugs and personalized medical therapy.

Collaboration with Affymetrix

        The Bio-X Institutes in Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Affymetrix established a cooperation to found Affymetrix genotyping model lab in 2008. In the lab, Affymetrix genome-wide association studies (GWAS) and copy number variant (CNV) analysis have been well applied. And more important, the lab is able to develop innovative genechips independently. Application of genotyping genechip, expression genechip and DNA methylationchip not only provides an important tool for benefiting researchers to explore complicate disease pathogenesis, but also provides a foundametal pharmacogenomics platform for new drugs development and personalized medical therapy in the lab.

Collaboration with Roche Pharmaceutical Ltd.

        Since 2003, Bio-X Institutes has collaborated with ROCHE in mapping the susceptibility genes of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Collaboration with AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical Inc.

        Since Dec, 2000, the Bio-X Institutes has collaborated with AstraZeneca in targeting susceptibility genes for psychiatric disorders and in the preliminary development of drugs to counter these diseases. Research areas include: Linkage mapping of susceptibility genes related to psychiatric disorders in 200 sib-pairs with schizophrenia; an association study of candidate genes; and fine-mapping of the candidate regions with high density SNPs markers after the phase I linkage mapping.


People Programme Marie Curie Actions

  The project “Translational Research into Psychiatric disorders (TRiP): genetics, genomics and neurobiology of psychosis and autism” funded by Marie Curie Actions starts in 2012. The overall objective of the TRiP project is to bring together an international and interdisciplinary group of research teams for the purpose of creating synergy and excellence in research, innovation, enhancing international cooperation and transfer of knowledge in the area of human neurodevelopmental disorders.


Collaboration with National University of Ireland, Galway


Applied Biosystems New Sequencing Solution Demo & Joint Laboratory


BIO-GENE Fluidigm Gene Analysis System Demo & Joint Laboratory


Roche Applied Science NimbleGen Microarray Technology Demo & Joint Laboratory


Agilent Genomics Solution Demo & Joint Laboratory


Kaijie Biomedical Sciences and Translational Medicine Demo & Joint Laboratory