Director’s Greeting

Welcome to Bio-X Institutes website! Found as the second Bio-X interdisciplinary initiatives image002.jpgprogram after Stanford University, the Bio-X Institutes is the first interdisciplinary institute in China. Since its establishment, the Institutes insisted on the principles of emphasizing on distinguishing features of studies, taking responsibilities in fulfilling tasks, addressing morality in scientific research, speeding up the innovation at each step and aiming at meeting major national demands. Meanwhile, we deeply believe that it is essential to follow step-by-step in scientific research and to avoid of being eager for quick success in academic career. We also believe that to comply with scientific principles and to fully exert imaginations are the basic requirement for great research. After years of efforts, the institutes has trained and stored valuable "brain resources" for our country. Today, the Institutes has formed a research system with significant features, critical thinking and systematic work, focusing on resolving scientific questions related to people’s health.

For developing the new blueprint, Bio-X Institutes made the medium and long-term development plans and the "three-dimensional overlapping" development strategy. Based on the idea of “The Great Biology” that all organisms are coded by four nucleotide bases, Bio-X Institutes increases the interaction between various disciplines in life sciences. Moreover, according to the fact that life contains “ecological body” formed with rules in various non-life science disciplines, the Institutes interacts with any other non-life science disciplines on-or-off campus.
The institutes are also trying to maintain the humanistic flatus and to make the research environment as pleasant as a garden. Being both of strict and relaxing, attractive and charmy, and in harmony with its beautiful surroundings, the Bio-X Institutes has become a wonderful place for those ambitious scientists and young researchers to join. Actually, a great number of scholars and scientists from around the world were attracted to join here each year.

In order to encourage the innovation and improvement of young scientists, the "Bio-X awards fund" was set up and was awarded annually to the outstanding undergraduate or graduate student in various inter-disciplines of Life science and Biotechnology in Shanghai Jiaotong University (for more information, please check Bio-X Institutes’ webpage:

Furthermore, we put great emphasis on quality over quantity in studies. By taking advantage of opportunities in interdisciplinary studies, we are working intensively on research with distinctive features and are participating actively in international collaborations. Our common goal is to apply science, technology and innovation to enforce research development. Sincerely, I believe that with all your participation and cooperation, we will make further progress together!