In our webserver, we offer calculation of auto-scaffold and auto-staple according to the image you upload with the scaffold DNA provided. You may upload any image that meet our demands, then our server would calculate how the picture should be zoomed according to the scaffold DNA. This will save your time in calculating how many bases in each line and how many lines there should totally be. The scaffold is filled into the adobes of your image in a bottom-up structure. After that our server would calculate staple sequences for your nanostructure and output the routes of scaffold and staples.

Your image file should meet the following demands:

  1. We suggest your image contains only two colors, pure black and white. Notice that only the pure black area, where (R, G, B) = (0, 0, 0), will be recognized.
  2. Your image must be continuous for the scaffold DNA's pathway to extend.
  3. Save your image in the following formats: gif, jpg, png, and less than 1024 kb.

Try it out by uploading your scaffold DNA sequence and a image file to be folded. Please notice that once you close the results, the pages might be expired. Please save your output in time.

Scaffold DNA sequence
Image to be folded (Accepted format: gif, jpg, png)
Here is a sample image for testing.